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Cover for Ocean Angels CD

Ocean Angels features relaxing, healing, heart-felt instrumental music.
Dolphins and whales (the angels of the ocean) inspired Nicolette to compose this music.
The title track, Ocean Angels, features dolphins of Waikaloa, Hawaii playing synthesizers
through a computerized process. (Dolphin MIDI files are courtesy of the Sirius Institute.)
Nicolette plays her synthesizers along with the dolphins to create an interspecies composition.
This flowing, classically influenced music represents the elements of Air and Water.

Cover for Fire Angel CD

Fire Angel is dedicated to the Hawaiian spirit of the volcano,
Pele and her fire-breathing counterpart, the Dragoness.
The music on this CD is entirely instrumental and represents the elements of Earth and Fire.
The earth side is relaxing while the fire side can make you get up and dance!
A blend of classical and pyro-techno.

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