Hang Gliding Tandem Distance Record Flights
of Rick & sister Nixy, Owens Valley

Nixy gets ready to jump off a 9000 foot cliff at Horse Shoe Meadows take-off

Rick and his sister Nixy are strapped in and ready to go...

We are flying!

Hang-Gliding over Mt. Whitney (in background) at an altitude of 14,500+ feet.....BRRRRR!!
This photo appeared as the centerfold for Hang Gliding magazine February 1986.

We flew over Bishop, California with a flight time lasting over 5.5 hours by the time we landed.

We landed near Black Mountain, setting our un-official world record tandem-distance flight of 55 miles, August 1984.
This photo appeared in a "Milestones" article in Hang Gliding magazine June 1985.

In July 1985 we flew again and broke our own world record landing here, 70 miles from the Horse Shoe Meadows take-off.

April 2000: 15 years later, Rick's 3 year old daughter, River, takes after her daddy in her own, "record flight."

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